Complete kit for upgrading Hobie MirageDrives to the new Glide Tech version. Kit includes drums, sprockets and idler pulley. This kit will upgrade any Hobie version 2 MirageDrive to the new Glide Tech version. 

Note: to upgrade a version 1 drive to Glide tech, you will also require 2 x Version 2 chains and 1 x version 2 idler cable

        MirageDrive Glide Tech Upgrade Kit

        SKU: MD-GT-Kit
        • Kit consists of:

          • 2 x Glide Tech Drum - Part# 81175001
          • 2 x Glide Tech Sprockets - Part# 81127001
          • 1 x Glide Tech Idler Pulley - Part# 81123001